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Hallo iedereen vandaag gaat het iets anders zijn dan normaal. Gewoonlijk schrijf ik in het Nederlands artikels, maar vandaag zal dat niet zo zijn. Dit stukje uitleg nog wel voor het wat duidelijk te maken. Het artikel van vandaag gaat in het Engels zijn, want ik heb namelijk iemand geïnterviewd die geen Nederlands spreekt dus doen we het in het Engels. Dus ben jij benieuwd, lees dan maar verder. Wil je het in het Nederlands lezen dan kun je in de zijbalk de taal aanpassen naar Nederlands.

Hello everyone, in today’s article I have an interview for you. I’ve interviewed someone I follow on Instagram. She’s got really beautiful pictures. So if you’re curious, read on!

Please present yourself: 

Hii guys!! My name’s Ema and i’m 14.

Describe yourself in 3 – 5 words:

I would describe myself as a friendly, kind and creative person.

What’s your favorite thing about Instagram?

My favourite thing about instagram is that it connects people. Like i made really good internet friends through instagram and i’m so thankful for that because i feel like i can always talk to them.

Why did you started Instagram and when?

I started instagram like 4 years ago, because I always loved photography and taking pictures so i wanted to post them somewhere.

If you can choose only one picture of yourself, what picture would it be?

If i could choose only one pic of myself it would be picture where i smile. Because when i have a bad day i look at pics where i smile because it reminds me that i was happy and that it’s just a bad day not a bad life.

Do you have a purpose with Instagram?

If i have a purpose with instagram? I think i would call it purpose but i would love to post not just pics of myself but some portraits i have taken, cause i would love to be a photographer someday. 

What do you think are the pros & cons of Instagram?

I already said the pros of instagram, that it connects people and i also love that i can see other pics from traveling or art or portraits and i can get some kind of inspiration from that.

I think cons are that some people feel more pretty when they have many likes but in my opinion the most beautiful thing on person is his heart and that isn’t seen at any picture.

Who/what are your favorite Instagram accounts?

I have many favourite accounts. But i think these are my most favourite: @ellamettler (she’s an amazing photographer) @hiitsofie (love her photos and the way she edits it) and @zoelaz (I love her style and her traveling pics). 

Anything you would like to say?

I would like to say that instagram is an amazing thing and i really love that, 

but when you look around you there’s so much more and life is so much more than scrolling through internet. 

So make photos. 

Make memories. 

Live your best life. It’s shorter than you think so have so much to remember. 

I really enjoyed these questions, thank u so much for this amazing experience. 

Well that was it! Thank you Ema for answering these questions. i’m glad you enjoyed it! Go follow her on Instagram: click here for here Instagram. 

If you have any suggestions for people I should interview, leave it in the comment or sent me a dm on Instagram: _lunaswonderland_

Have a nice day!

Luna x

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